"Dark, gritty and covered in fog...


Another night of debauchery took place at Winters Tavern a few weeks back when the twisted sounds of White Fuzzy Bloodbath curled in the air and set the ambiance for a blurry evening of nostalgic filth. It also reminded me of why I missed being in a band. The trio consists of a heavy foundation of 70's influenced, thumpy bass riffs, screaming guitar sections and powerful, crashing drums which mixed exceptionally well with my heavy gut filled craft beers. I liked them quite a bit.


Being there, you felt the barrier between the past and present bend as the scene could have easily taken place thirty years prior. As I flopped around taking way too many pictures and drinking way too many beers I experienced a rush come over me as my heart synched up with the melodic thud. It felt familiar, it felt chaotic, it felt timeless. I was white and fuzzy and this would be my bloodbath.


I met the band briefly after their set and shot the shit for a while before gnoming around the premises like I owned the fucking place. I had another beer or two, lost my jacket and wandered off towards the ocean before finding my crumbling homestead and falling asleep. The night was solid and I felt great.


I went back and found my jacket the next day curled up on the stage somehow." -Nick Sirotch, Artist, Music Enthusiast, Keystone in the Bay Area community.



"Can you think of a cooler band name? I sure can't. You should hear the music. Sexy, Groovy, Dark, and Fun. White Fuzzy Bloodbath is gonna Git Chu. #takeabath " - John Brumley, Super Fan, Maker of Tacos. 

"No filler here......ALL KILLER!" -Agent K(ahunasan) - Bandcamp

About the Band:


White Fuzzy Bloodbath is a heavy trio with a current lineup of:


Elise Tarens (bass and vocals), Alex Bruno (guitar), and Jeff Hurley (drums).


The Band's sound can be generally described as "Heavy Rock", while diving into genres such as Doom, Stoner Rock, Heavy Metal, and Black Metal. White Fuzzy Bloodbath's newest release * Monster * can be heard on all platforms.


Past or other current members:


David Hottenstine (guiar and vocals), Andreas Tsampoukos (drums), Broc Sanders (drums), and Michael Broadus (drums). 

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